Vocal Jury Exams

For students on campus in Spring 2021, vocal Juries will be conducted "in person" in Musser Auditorium (Leffler Chapel). "Remote" students are asked to submit a video using the instructions below.

ALL Students: Please complete a jury form which includes the Repertoire Update form and the Jury Form itself in one document. These
must be submitted online, 48 hours in advance of the jury exam: https://form.jotform.com/etownmusic/jury-submission

To submit a video...

Things you will need:
1. Accompaniment track
2. Computer to play back accompaniment 3. External speaker for accompaniment playback
4. Smartphone or computer with web camera to record performance
5. Elevated position for smartphone or web camera
6. YouTube account
1. Record yourself in portrait mode (i.e. vertical position) with camera positioned to capture as much of you as possible
2. Upload recording to your YouTube account
3. Visit https://form.jotform.com/etownmusic/jury-submission to submit your repertoire list for semester (Repertoire Update Form) and the link to your jury recording.
ONE solution for your setup is below. I used a bluetooth speaker connected to my laptop. I used the laptop to playback the accompaniment while I used my iPhone to video record myself singing- accompaniment is coming through the speaker and being recorded at the same time as my voice. It isn’t terribly elegant but it works! Adjust the volume on the speaker so that, on review, you can hear both yourself and the piano…