Lesson Pods are Ready to Make Music!

We've Been Busy!

Over the Fall semester, we've adjusted our plan to create physically distant but synchronous lessons for music students at Elizabethtown College. Students will be able to take their lessons in "Lesson Pods"- rooms specifically set up to create high-quality, peer-to-peer connections between students and their applied teachers.

In each Lesson Pod are air filtration units (HEPA-certified), computers, webcameras, and microphones. We'll be using a service called Jamulus to connect audio from the Lesson Pod computer to your teacher's computer directly and Zoom for the video feed... Be sure to MUTE Zoom, though!

Check out the instructions below. If you have questions, please let me know!

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General Tips

  • Use a good pair of headphones PLUGGED IN to the Yeti Mic (port is adjacent to the USB cable on the MIC)
  • Adjust the GAIN knob on the back of the Yeti MIC so that the other person can hear you
  • Leave the PATTERN dial set to CARDIOD (see image on left)
  • Adjust the volume (coming through your headphones) so you can hear the other person...
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Instructions and advice for STUDENTS using Lesson Pods

  • Be sure to go to your assigned "Lesson Pod" for your lesson

  • Log on to the computer with your Etown credentials (username and password)

  • Launch Jamulus

  • Check the Settings in Jamulus to be sure that the Yeti mic is chosen for sound input AND output.

  • Cick "Connect" and enter the long numeric code (called an IP address) in the "Server Address" field in the lower right hand corner of the dialog box. Note that the number is identical for all LessonPods EXCEPT the last digit!

  • Connecting via Zoom (for the video feed) should be familiar to you. Don't forget to MUTE, though! You want Jamulus to be handling all the sound stuff.

  • Adjust the gain on the back of the Yeti Mic... Higher the gain, the louder you'll be!

  • Plug in your headphones in to the "Phones" jack on the Yeti microphone

  • Adjust the volume (coming through your headphones) using the "Volume" knob on the Yeti Mic

  • Have a GREAT lesson!!

  • When all done, log out of the computer!** Easy peasy!

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