Tour Literature

Both Choirs

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Concert Choir

Ireland and the British Isles

  • Danny Boy
  • Maid of Culmore
  • Loch Lomond
  • Dúlamán

From American Shores...

  • Red, Red , Rose
  • Shenandoah
  • Sure on this Shining Night


  • Hold On!
  • No Color

Sacred Literature

  • Bonse Aba
  • God Be in My Head
  • Plaudite manibus
  • O Nata Lux


  • Within You Is the Light -Ellen Morrison

  • Saints Bound for Heaven -Traditional; arr. Alice Parker & Robert Shaw

  • Dic nobis Maria -Miguel Astor

  • Exultate justi in Domino -Jonny Priano

  • Shout All Over God’s Heaven -Traditional Spiritual; arr. Michelle Roueché

  • Irish Blessing- Bob Chilcott

  • Be Like the Bird -Abbie Betinis

  • Las Amarillas -Traditional Mexican; arr. Stephen Hatfield

  • The Cloths of Heaven -M.E. Valverde

  • A Tree of Song -Bob Chilcott

  • Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart -Stephen Chatman

  • I Have Had Singing -Ron Jeffers

  • La Maumariée -Traditional French; arr. Joni Jensen